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About FI learning solutions

Professional education systems & solutions

In an increasingly digital world, professional education, with the associated training and examinations, is moving almost exclusively online. However, the financial and technological challenges associated with online education leave many training providers with limited, viable options for them to move their services and programmes from the classroom to online. Recognising these challenges, our aim at FILS is to provide unique business solutions for the professional education training market. We work closely with all our global partners to support their business’ growth at a local level and help them achieve their training potential.


FILS works to understand the role our partners play in their markets and build training solutions that reflect this. We partner with universities, colleges, specialist training providers and academies to build digital literacy, upskill employees, enhance student’s learning experience, and improve pass rates and course progression. 


Our partners share our business ethos and educational values, and through these partnerships, we aim to improve the standard of professional education in their local market. FILS works with partners around the world, so we take the time to create an individual relationship with each one ensuring we understand their culture, market and any challenges unique to them. 

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About FILS: About
About FILS: About
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What does FILS mean by sustainable growth?

We want to help you create an online presence and business model that allows your students to continue learning no matter what is happening in the world. 

We provide training providers with the tools to grow and manage their own online business independently, confidently and under their own brand. Whether you are planning to deliver online learning for the first time or looking for a new platform to deliver your existing online programmes, our solutions are designed to make the transition seamless. FILS will not only support your company through the implementation of a branded LMS, but also work with you collaboratively throughout the journey.

FILS takes a quality over quantity approach to ensure we can build growth sustainably. We also complete extensive market research and analysis of student data to ensure our training solutions evolve and remain relevant in this ever-changing market.

11 Raise the quality of Online Learning

How do we plan to improve professional education globally?

As a solutions provider we want to provide educators with the means to increase students' access to professional education globally, and at a price they can afford. We will support you through training to improve, not only the digital intelligence of your students but also that of your tutors and staff.

FILS is part of the First Intuition Group, who have created a library of award-winning professional education courses. They hold the highest level of accreditation from the professional accounting institutes, and in 2020, FI won the Online Training Provider of the Year Award. It is the content created by FI and their award-winning approach that we are able to share with you through our LMS solutions. 

About FI Ltd


We believe education is a service, delivered by people to people

FI Ltd is a multi-award winning UK training provider. They opened their first study centre in 2007 and now hold the highest level of accreditation from multiple accounting bodies including Platinum Approved Learning Partner from ACCA. They have been awarded the College of the Year award 4 times and now help over 7000 students and apprentices annually to achieve industry-leading results.

FI Ltd is a student-focused company and their primary aim is to help students realise their full potential. With their help and guidance FILS would like to help our clients realise their full potential too. 


We have developed a great and fruitful partnership with FI learning solutions and their dedication towards the LMS is apparent in all aspects. We appreciate their work, dedication, and approach to bringing this project live.

Prokount — Pakistan

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