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Please only fill in this registration form if you have already registered and paid for the ACCA exam directly with ACCA. We are only able to give access to materials to students that have already registered for the exam and we check these details directly with ACCA.

To register free for your ACCA course materials please fill in your details below. 

Enrolment is not automatic, so we will try to respond as quickly as possible. You will receive an email with your log in details to the platform - please check your junk folders as they sometimes end up there.


Our research shows that ACCA students are benefiting from supplementary courses, these include skills they may never have learned or need some revision. 

We are currently offering a Spreadsheet Fundamentals course, which covers everything from basic principles to advanced formulae. This course is excellent for Strategic Professional students as these skills are needed for the online exam.  We are also offering a Foundations in Financial Mathematics course, which covers a variety of topics. 

Please select if you would like to have access to our supplementary courses:

This registration page is now closed for the ACCA March 2023 exam sitting. 

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