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CBE Test Platforms

Want to improve your pass rates by up to 30%...

Our test platforms have proven to do just that!

FILS worked directly with ACCA to test our Computer Based Exam test platforms globally with over 10,000 students, spread over

60 countries worldwide.

This product has proved a positive correlation between the number of online practice exams a student sits and their final pass rate, meaning the more practice exams a student sits, the more likely they are to pass their final exam.

Pass Rates - With ACCA Logo - Transparent Background.png

To prove this to you, we are providing a special opportunity to trial this highly effective test platform that will perfectly complement your

ACCA courses.

For the December 2022 and March 2023 ACCA exam sitting, you can offer your students a quality CBE test experience that provides:

6 Integrated computer based mock exam platform.png

Three full online practice exams that replicate the style and format of the final exam.

Multiple choice questions are automatically marked by the system, and all essay or spreadsheet questions are self-marked by the student themselves, where they are provided with full marking guidance and model solutions.

Mocks 1 and 2 have been fully debriefed by a FI UK tutor. Students can watch these videos to understand how best to approach the question, the model solution and any common misconceptions where they may be going wrong.

Exam technique resources to help students understand what the examiner is asking from them when they use certain verbs, guidance on how to present an easy to mark script, subject specific tips for passing the exam and tips for taking an ACCA Strategic Professional exam.

All from your own-branded, self-administrated platform, where you can register and manage your own students!

Our CBE test courses cover all ACCA Applied Skills and Strategic Professional subjects. They make a great accompaniment to any students self-studying, those studying with another training provider (but want some extra online examination practice) or students who are resitting an exam. 

With the move to online examinations, we know students need to be sitting at least one practice exam online to become familiar, and therefore confident, with the new layout and time management skills required. But preferably students will be sitting all three!


Platform fee: £250 until 30 June 2023       (normally £1,500 per annum)

Student fee: £10 per course enrolment        (normally £20)

To take advantage of this great trial offer, complete the order form below and we will get to work on your new CBE test platform!

Sign up for a CBE test platform

By ticking the checkbox below, you are agreeing to:

  • to purchase the license of a FILS platform for a fee of £250, this will cover the period from delivery of your branded platform up to 31st March 2023. Payment of the invoice is within 30 days.

  • enrol students only onto CBE courses for which the subject corresponds to the ACCA exam they have registered for in either the December 2022 or March 2023 ACCA exam sitting.

  • inform students that they have access to the courses for one month from the day of enrolment or until 31st March 2023.

  • agree to be invoiced the sum of £10 per student per CBE course enrolment during the trial period (i.e. one student account enrolled onto two CBE courses generates a fee of £20). On 1st April 2023, FILS will run a report covering all registrations made on your platform up to 31st March 2023, and you agree to make payment of that invoice within 30 days.

You are under no obligation to continue with your platform after the trial has concluded. However, if you are happy with your new CBE platform and would like to make this a permanent part of your student offering, we would be delighted to arrange a rolling agreement.

Thanks for sending your request, we will be in touch soon.

CBE test platform form
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