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Digital Content Solutions

Our experience tells us that alongside professional accounting and finance training, there are often peripheral training requirements needed for students to supplement their core learning outcomes.

All FILS learning platforms can be customised to your specific requirements, either by you, or by us. In addition to the professional courses available from FILS, you can include any of your own courses and training materials, allowing you to deliver not just FILS programmes but all your training online.

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How it works

To help you consolidate your online business, FILS offers a range of content digitisation and course design services, allowing you to quickly convert your training materials into dynamic online learning content. We offer a bespoke service, so our Product team will work collaboratively with you to develop your online course portfolio. We will assess your existing learning content and suggest the optimum way to convert for digital delivery.

Student learning, progress and reporting data

We understand the importance and value of the student learning data that online learning offers training providers. By building your online training courses in a FILS LMS, you’ll have access to the student tracking and reporting tools, allowing you to train and support your students in a more effective way.

Want to know more?

Our Product team would love to hear from you to discuss your online strategy and training requirements so get in touch to find out more.


Please contact:

Lee Silve, Head of Product

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