Join the FILS global education network and get the data behind the learning

The FILS network comprises leading international training institutes from the professional and higher education sectors who share values and a common purpose, to shape the future of global online learning in the digital age with bespoke data-driven learning solutions. 

Through a collaborative approach the FILS network will analyse and apply learning data from a global student population to inform and shape next generation learning approach and delivery’


  • To better the outcomes for all network students

  • To enhance the opportunities network students have for progression in their careers

  • To improve global online access to high-quality professional/HE programmes

  • To create, share and apply global student learning data

  • To share global market/learning insights through a network exchange

  • To build an international student HE programme framework


  • Your own locally-branded pre-populated FILS online learning platforms

  • Strategic market support from FILS

  • Access to global data insight reports on student learning style and behaviour

  • International HE study opportunities for member students

  • Commercial HE opportunities for network members

  • Access to network members forum

  • Network webinars

If you’re interested in joining the FILS Network or would like further information please get in touch with a member of the FILS team