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Take control of your online learning with a FILS client-managed LMS platform

Take control of your online learning with a FILS client-managed LMS platform

Professional education is rapidly changing, not only in the way it is taught but also in the way it is examined. This shift to online delivery and testing requires a level of digital literacy that both tutors and students are expected to demonstrate by professional bodies and future employers. Our LMS platforms, with up to 4 computer-based mock exams per course, allows students to not only better prepare for the final exam but also for the digital workplace they will join. FI Ltd have found, amongst their UK students, a positive correlation between the number of mock exams attempted online and the number of students passing their professional qualifications. Simply, the more CBE mock exams the students took, the more likely they were to pass the final exam. 

A FILS LMS will not only improve the pass rates of your students, but it will enhance their learning experience, allowing them to learn and study in English using award-winning content. Online learning allows students to study whenever and wherever they want, whilst gaining professional qualifications. The courses are provided by FI Ltd and have a modular layout. They are broken down into chapters and lessons, allowing students to process and retain the information more easily but also making it easier to fit learning around their lifestyle. 

We have integrated extensive CBE practice within our platforms to ensure students remain motivated and focused throughout their learning journey, and when the exam day arrives they feel ready and confident. In case students need that extra push to keep on track there are inbuilt student tracking and reporting features, that allow you to monitor and assess individual student’s progress. 

We believe learning environments are most effective when both students and staff share a common skillset, so our LMS solutions have been designed to address digital literacy, ensuring both groups are confident with online learning and delivery. At FILS, we recognise that professional qualifications require a significant investment of time and resources, and we want to ensure that investment pays off.

LMS Features

1 Client branded LMS.png

Use your platform to build your training capacity.

Client-branded LMS

Client branded LMS (Version 2).png
1 Client branded LMS.png

Improve digital literacy and upskill your faculty.

Manage your own LMS

2 Manage your own LMS.png
1 Client branded LMS.png

Course content is provided by an award-winning training provider, FI Ltd, allowing you to concentrate on student support.

Pre-populated with your choice of courses

3 Pre Populate with your choice of cours
1 Client branded LMS.png

Choose the professional qualification that works for your market.

Choice of professional qualifications

4 Choice of Professional Qualifications.
1 Client branded LMS.png

Professional students can learn at a time and place that suits their busy lifestyle. Research shows that students retain more knowledge when it is learned in smaller, concise lessons.

Modular, mobile learning

5 Modular Mobile Learning.png
1 Client branded LMS.png

Allow students to experience and practice computer-based exams before sitting the real thing.

Integrated CBE mock exam platform

6 Integrated computer based mock exam pl
1 Client branded LMS.png

Monitor your own students and track their progress through the courses in real time.

Student reporting and live tracking

7 Student Reporting and Live
1 Client branded LMS.png

Analyse trends across the FILS student population to improve pass rates and drive platform innovation.

Global data analytics

8 Global Data Analytics.png
1 Client branded LMS.png

Our LMS can fit with your existing online setup, with users only requiring one log-in.

Integration with existing LMS

9 Integration with existing LMS.png

Full Course

A full FI Ltd course is made up of the following features:

  • introduction to the course

  • study planner

  • video lectures to cover the full syllabus in English

  • course notes 

  • a bank of questions to cover each chapter of the course, with full solutions

  • study text

  • up to 4 CBE mock exams with solution debriefs

  • links to specimen exams and additional reading

  • extra revision questions

Exam Preparation

Worldwide, a high percentage of professional students are failing their exams every sitting and the majority of them are only a few marks off. So, FILS is offering exam preparation courses that can be added to your LMS, that contain a bank of questions for students to practice what they have learned, up to 4 computer-based mock exams and tips on how to revise. These courses are ideal for students who need to resit an exam or just need a little extra help to get them over the finish line. 

Students often fail, not due to their lack of subject knowledge, but instead due to their lack of CBE preparation. These courses are designed so students can gain confidence with the online examinations.

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FI UK has seen a significant increase in the percentage of students passing their exams with every extra CBE mock exam they attempt before the exam day.

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Working with FI learning solutions has been terrific. Our students love their learning resources for professional qualifications, and the organisational support and communication provided by the FILS team is second to none

Financial Services Institute at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College — British Virgin Islands

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