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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification gives students the most up-to-date skills needed to become a finance professional. ACCA students are known to be strategic thinkers, with impressive technical skills and professional values. They are sought after by employers across the globe, especially in this fast-changing industry. ACCA has a worldwide reputation for excellence, with more than 219,000 members and 527, 000 students across 179 countries.
First Intuition Ltd is an ACCA Platinum-accredited ALP.

Applied Knowledge

Business and Technology (BT)

Management Accounting (MA)

Financial Accounting (FA)

Applied Skills

Corporate and Business Law (LW)

Performance Management (PM

Taxation (TX)

Financial Reporting (FR)

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Financial Management (FM)

Strategic Professional

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

ACCA Foundations In Accountancy

ACCA's foundation level awards are made up of certificates and diplomas, that have been designed with the employer's expectations in mind. FIA allows students maximum flexibility, they are able to choose the most appropriate entry route and progression to upper qualifications based on their previous experience and career aspirations. 

Diploma In Financial And Management Accounting

RQF Level 2

Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)
Management Information (MA1)

Diploma In Financial And Management Accounting

RQF Level 3

Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)
Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)

Diploma In Accounting And  Business

RQF Level 4

Business and Technology (FBT)
Management Accounting (FMA)
Financial Accounting (FFA)


CIMA is a qualification for management accountants, a profession where the opportunities are endless. Management accountants help businesses all over the world manage their finances in roles as business leaders, innovators, decision-makers and forecasters. There's no one industry that they can find themselves in, with opportunities to work for all types of companies too: public, private, big and small.
First Intuition Ltd is a CIMA Partner in Learning and won the CIMA Award for Global Pass Rate Excellence in 2020.

Operational Level

P1 Management Accounting
F1 Financial Reporting
E1 Managing Finance in a Digital World

Management Level

P2 Advanced Management Accounting
F2 Advanced Financial Reporting
E2 Managing Performance

Strategic Level

P3 Risk Management
F3 Financial Strategy
E3 Strategic Management

Case Study



AAT is the world’s leading accountancy body offering entry-level qualifications for accounting technicians. The AAT qualification is open to all, regardless of age or experience. It offers support and knowledge to anyone looking to start their career in accountancy.

Level 2

Bookkeeping Transactions

Bookkeeping Controls

Elements of Costing

Using Accounting Software

Foundation Level Synoptic and Work Effectively in Finance

Level 3

Final Accounts Preparation

Indirect Tax

Advanced Bookkeeping

Management Accounting: Costing

Advanced Diploma Synoptic Assessment, Spreadsheets for Accounting and Ethics for Accountants

Level 4

Management Accounting: Budgeting

Management Accounting: Decision and Control

Financial Statements of Limited Companies

Business Tax

Personal Tax

External Auditing

Credit Management

Professional Diploma Synoptic, Accounting Systems and Controls


ICAEW is a world-leading organisation that promotes, develops and supports chartered accountants and students worldwide. ICAEW offers qualifications that cover a range of specialist areas across accountancy, finance and business, to help students develop and enhance their careers.


FILS has been very supportive and have a great product. They have always been responsive in addressing my questions and are very open to suggestions on how to improve their learning resources and services. I look forward to a long and productive relationship with them.

Professional Learning Success — New Zealand

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